Action 3
Action 3



What must be done in order to build a sustainable web?

What are the different puzzle pieces that need to be fixed, improved or reconstructed?

Building a sustainable web culture requires the collaboration of users, developers, and private and public stakeholders.

Please join our initiative and share your thoughts, ideas, and projects.


Supporting Webdesign Companies
In order to be listed in the web-agencies directory, companies have to respect the following charta:
  • The company has optimised its own website and regularly checks and maintains its eco-efficiency
  • The company is continually informing and motivating its clients to optimise their own website
  • The company is actively taking part in the development of best practices and is promoting the principles of the “Grénge Web” initiative to the public
  • The company accepts that its name will be listed on the directory page of the “Grénge Web” initiative
  • The company regularly communicates and shares its best practices within the network
  • The projects logo or name can only be used and embedded in new websites with the permission of the “Grénge Web” initiative project coordinator
  • The company understands that the “Grénge Web” initiative has no commercial goal. Its main objective is to promote a sustainable digital web and programming culture
  • The company does support the network by paying its annual fee of 45 Euro. (EBL and IMS members will pay 25 EURO per year)
  • The company does recognize the evolutive character of the Grénge Web Initiative and engages to actively communicate suggestions / critics to the project coordinator.